Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy "1st" Birthday Baby Girl

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl! 

A year ago today at this very time we were getting prepped to have a Cesarean to deliver our precious baby girl, Kaylyn!

What an exciting year this past year has been.

You have blossomed so much!  And get even more beautiful everyday.

You are such a blessing to our family.

You just warm my heart when you give me your slobbery open mouth kisses and pat me on my back; like I have done to you time and time again when you needed consoling.

You LOVE your brothers and sister.  You just light up when you see them.  And man, can they make you giggle.  For the longest time, only they could make you giggle with their silliness.

I am sure not too much longer you and Hayden will be partners in crime.  (I have already caught you two in a few indiscretions)

You love the bath.  You get so excited when I open the shower curtain and get out one of your towels. You know exactly what is going on.  And you think it is the funniest thing to splash mommy til she is soaked when she is giving you a bathy.  And when you come out of the bath, you smell soooo good.  No more stinky pigs.

You are almost walking.  Each day you are getting more brave.  You have been walking around things for months and will stand by yourself for short periods.  Any day now.

You love to snuggle.  Nuzzling your head into the crook of my neck before you fall fast asleep.  You sleep the best when you are in my arms.

It has been nice outside off and on for the past several days.  You have loved to put your bare piggies in the grass and crawl around. 

You eat mostly what we eat these days.  No more mushed up food for you.  You have a mouth fool of teeth. 

You are the sweetest thing!

Today we celebrate you!  Happy Birthday my sweet child, Kaylyn Grace!

I can't wait for your Princess party this weekend with our friends and family.  You are our little princess.

I love you with all my heart and soul. 



Happy Birthday, Miss K!


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