Monday, January 10, 2011

The Big Day!

It is here ...the big day...the day we (well any DUCK fans) have been waiting for all season long...........


Are they going to pull it off you think?  Auburn is a tough one! 

But lets have faith that our Ducks will pull through and make us proud. They will come out strong and fight to the finish.  They will WIN THE DAY!  

I will be proud even if they don't win just to have made it this far.  I say regardless, give visor wearing Chip Kelly a raise...That man has definitely found some good players and is a top notch team leader having taken them his first year to the Rose Bowl (first time back since 1995) and now this year to the BCS!

And any of you Beaver Believers out there, put aside the hostility and jealousy and root on the home state, even if you bleed orange and black. 


WTD....Win The Day! 

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