Monday, January 3, 2011

N & J's Excellent Adventure

In my Wrap It Up post I teased about a new adventure my husband and I were going to be taking on in 2011...Well, here it is!

Without further ado....

In order to get us out of our funk of going to the same ol, same ol restaurants around town, we are going to go to 52, YES, 52 new restaurants this year.  One new restaurant each week. 

And we are going to blog about it! 

We do however have some rules that we are going to adhere to:

1.  Must be locally owned not part of a franchise.
2.  Must be locally owned and have 5 locations or less (which rules out McM).
3.  Even though we are going to blog about the 52 restaurants, does not mean that these are the ONLY restaurants we will visit.  Which means we can go to McM just not going to be part of our blogging adventure.
4.  We will visit many types of restaurants including family friendly and budget friendly.
5. Some of the restaurants currently on our list are some that we have visited before but will only visit once again during this adventure so not to duplicate.
6.  We have items that we will be critiquing at each visit and will share these with our blogging audience.
7.  We intend to have this be somewhat of an interactive experience so we are definitely looking for other ideas of restaurants to try as well as your thoughts and ideas of what you want to know about the restaurants.  (Please comment on this blog post for now and we will add to our list)

We have set up a separate blog (  for this project however it is still in the design phase and will be online this next week.  We already went to our first restaurant yesterday for lunch and will share that in our first blog post scheduled for this next week.

We hope you enjoy this new adventure and glean some useful information from it!


Thank you Bill & Ted

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