Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Succulent, dark pink, perfectly ripe, juicy raspberries...

Add them to a piece of short bread with some whip creme or vanilla ice there anything better?


Willamette Raspberries from Oregon of course are the best..BTW, did you know there are 40+ varieties of raspberries?  Me neither...

I know, I know not the right time of the year for raspberries...but we can dream about them right? 

Or how about, the raspberries that our daughter does...ALL THE TIME....hehehehe...(she was blowing raspberries this morning right when she woke up for her morning feeding).

Those are pretty awesome too!

Every time Miss K sees me these days, she lets out a BIG raspberry....spit flys everywhere so watch out if you are within a few feet from her.  Drool is forever dripping down her chin....(she even has a little rash below her lip from all the spit)

She thinks it is the funniest thing especially when we do it back to her. On her cheek, in her chin rolls (yes, she has a few chins), on her belly when we are changing her diaper, on her arm...any exposed skin....

We have quite the raspberry competition going on in our house these days...and everyone is partaking in it...even her brothers get in on the action....She loves when they do it even more, she just gets to giggling uncontrollably...

It is the cutest darn thing in the world!  Just like her!

Aren't those just the sweetest, most robust cheeks you ever did see? And the baby blues?  Love them!

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  1. We do tiny raspberries and call them Fairy Berries. Think I can market that? LOL. The girls love them just as much because they are so quiet and short. Just a little puff of air to make the tiniest kiss.


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