Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tight Ship

Some might say I run a "tight" ship around our house, most of the time anyways, and sometimes to my own detriment.  I know that is part of the OCD that I have, that I am working on daily....But let me tell you this week, I have fallen down on the job, HARD.  My head hurts I hit so hard and fast!

I think our 3 yr old is the captain of the ship at the moment....LOL...

Between burning the candles at both ends because of some major life changes that might be coming our way sooner rather than later, regular work day schedules, kids, house, PMSing, yes, it is *that* time of the month, trying desperately to fight off yet another cold (and failing miserably), our house and life this week seems a little bit more chaotic than I remember.  My memory of course is not the greatest either but I definitely remember better days (better weeks for that matter).

Really,  all I want right now is to take a long hot shower, by myself, I might add, no knocking on the doors, no "MOM" he hit me, "MOM" she spit up, no "MOM" I have to go potty....just me, myself and I, in the shower for at least 15 minutes...And then when I get out, a nice HOT Fudge Sundae with nuts and whip creme would be good, followed up with a Chex Mix, it is all about the sweet and salty. 

And then, I know I am asking for a lot but I want to crawl into my nice warm bed and go to sleep for at least 8 hrs straight.  I can't remember the last time I slept that long in one bout. 

Snap out it!   ( I can dream right?)

Until then, I need to go clean up the milk that is spilled on the kitchen floor from earlier, wipe off the toothpaste that somehow got all over the mirror in the bathroom, change the laundry for the 30th time today (Yes, I am exaggerating),  put the 36 pieces of puzzle that clutter my kitchen table top up in the broken cardboard box, change a dirty diaper or two and then cook dinner.  Of course, I will wash my hands, extra GOOD.


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