Sunday, January 30, 2011

Destination Unknown

They say it's not the destination necessarily that matters but it's how you get there, right?

First off who is "they" and what do "they" really know about where "there" is for me? 

"There", for me, today, couldn't come soon enough.

Let me rewind, today started out like any other Sunday, get up, get dressed, wake kids up (if they aren't the ones that woke me up which is pretty rare since my body clock usually wakes me before the sun shines), get them breakfast, dressed, etc...

And out the door, off to church....(oh wait, coffee stop then church)

After church we knew we had to go to the Children's Museum which is about 20 minutes away to pick up our clay figures that we created a few weeks back, but had to leave there to have them fire them, then pick up a few weeks later.  Husband decided he was going to do this and take our 3yr old with him while K and I stayed at home.

K was pretty cranky and tired so I thought that sounded like a good plan.  While they were gone, I would get her down for a nap and maybe, just maybe, I could do a few things around the house.  The only concern I had is that it was pretty close to nap time for H too and I knew if he fell asleep in the car for even just 5 minutes, good luck getting him back to sleep when they got home. 

All good intentions of course, get K down for nap, get a few things done around the house.  Husband and H get back and  put H down for a nap too!  (Both kids down for a nap at similar times even if a bit overlap, one can dream, right?)

Ha!  That's funny!

By the time I got K to settle down to nap, even though she was clearly tired, I was exhausted!  Heck, I need a there I laid with her.  Finally, off to sleep she went only to be woken up a mere 20 minutes later when H comes bounding through the door, excited as ever about playing on the trains at the Forestry Center (which is right next door to Children's Museum).

And he did fall asleep in the car on the way home even though husband tried to keep him entertained and awake without success. 

Needless to say both kids had about a 20 minute nap today.

Fast forward a few hours, I am E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D....both kids cranky and honory as all get out for most of the afternoon, running amok, reeking havoc all around the house.  It is fair to say that I didn't get much downtime this afternoon because husband went to play basketball for the afternoon and by 630 or so my patience were running just a bit thin....

But alas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel I thought to myself, we had to be somewhere at 730pm so I decided we are leaving early...Yes, we are leaving early!  Kinda funny because most of the time these days, although I am not usually late, I am merely on time which prior to kids, even prior to 4th kid, I was always sometimes early.  Not anymore.

Leaving early means that both kids will be in their car seats, confined (I know that probably sounds really bad) and hopefully somewhat content so I can sit down for a few minutes even if it is in the car.  They both like riding in the car for the most part so this was perfect!  Win-win situation is what it is!

So that is what we did!  We left about a 1/2 hour earlier than what we needed to just so I could drive around a few extra minutes for a few extra minutes of  relaxation (if you call driving relaxing which today it was because it meant I was at least sitting)...

And guess what?  We made it to our destination, picked up T and by the time we were on our way home, both kids fell asleep.  And, when we got back, we brought them in the house and they went back to sleep.... no problem! 

Ahhh, life is good.  Nighty, Night!

This is not them sleeping today but alas still sleeping


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