Monday, January 31, 2011


I am starting a new ongoing series called...

You guessed it, Rants~N~Raves.

I am not committing to posting it on any particular day nor even on a weekly basis for that matter but rather as often as I feel necessary since this is MY blog and I make the rules. 

Although I try to be optimistic and happy go lucky, most of the time on my blog, there are definite times when a Rant is clearly what the dr ordered.

So here it goes....a few Rants....

1.  Why is it whenever you are in a hurry (or have to go to the bathroom) you hit every red light?

2.  People when you are driving in your car, picking your nose, the windows are see through...We can still see you!

3.  Men in long black trench coats wearing dark sun glasses when it is clearly dark outside, don't make me feel all warm and fuzzy.  (Not to stereotype, but I would venture to say this person was up to something)

4.  Waiting in drive through for 7 minutes is not what I call fast food, just sayin (especially when only have 1/2 lunch; maybe it's a sign and I shouldn't be eating fast food?).

5. If you are going to say you are going to do something, do it and stop talking about it!

Raves....chirp, chirp, chirp... 

Yeah, not coming up with too much. Wait....

1.  It's not raining!

2.  My husband and I went to an awesome concert on Saturday night.  The Winter Wonderslam Tour w/HOH, my boy Brandon Heath and TobyMac.

3.  Our church collected 91 pairs of socks for a local homeless congregation.

That's all I have. 

It's Monday, what did you expect?

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  1. Well now that I have my internet back I'll be reading your blog and rans ad raves... It makes me feel better to let things out, and I think It'll be nice to see I'm not the only one lol


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