Thursday, January 27, 2011

The "C" Word

In this neck of the woods, the Pacific Northwest, the "c" word is Coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I mean really, Starbucks was first introduced right up the road in Seattle.  And Stumptown...started right here in our backyard....

I read recently that Portland is one of the top 5 cities in America that spends the most at coffee shops (per person) each month...

Who is the #1 you ask? 

Really?  You had to ask?

1. Seattle $36
2. San Jose $34
3. Phoenix $33
4. Portland $33
5. Las Vegas $32

Funny thing I originally thought this was per person PER WEEK.  Yeah, I think most people who have a coffee habit spend this in a week not a month, EASY! (or maybe that is just me?)

Las Vegas and Phoenix kinda surprised me because of the warm weather.  Las Vegas, I guess they are a city that never sleeps (because they drink so much coffee?).  Yeah, probably not the reason....

I am more of a cold weather coffee person.  And tend to drink more coffee during the fall/winter.  It is so hard to roll out of bed to go to work when it is still dark outside.  There is something enticing about a HOT coffee that gets me motivated.  It has to be hot, can't stand ice coffee drinks AND it most likely has to be coffee shop bought.  To me, home brewed, not the same.  I have tried my darnedest to drink home brewed coffee with all the different creamers they come out with and just not the same.   I just can't do it.  (Kinda funny, huh?)

My poor coffee maker at home sees no action.  There it sits all by itself, all hunkered down in the corner...

Coffee swigging momma is what I am (just not home brewed).

And when it is so cold in the mornings (I leave to work most mornings at 530am so it is COLD) I warm my hands on the cups (burning them often) unless of course I have a Coffee Cozie!

Have you seen these?

They come in all sorts of prints, adjustable to fit several sizes of cups, reversible and machine washable.  Much more eco friendly then the cardboard paper ones you get at the coffee shop. 

Would you like one?

One of my friends here locally started making these and they are being sold in some local coffee shops around town.  $6.00/each. 

Buy one for each season?  Each holiday? Each sport season?  They have tons to already choose from.  They make great gifts for any coffee lovers you know. 

Let me know if you are interested and I will put you in contact with her!

**This is not a paid endorsement

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