Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Babygate:The Scandal

Ok, so maybe it is not that dramatic..but I definitely think there is a conspiracy going on around this house. 

With Miss K being mobile now we have baby gates strategically placed throughout the house.  One blocking the entry between living room and kitchen.  One blocking kitchen from family room/den.  One sometimes blocking hallway to laundry room.

I know this.  I see them. I am the one that puts them up everyday so I can keep Miss K in a centralized area because we know how she rolls. Fast and furious. And I hike my leg up and over them every time going room to room but today....


As I was hiking my leg up and over the gate between the living room and kitchen the tip of my shoe got caught and down I went...It was in slow motion like in the movies.  Visualize. 

It was inevitable that I was going to fall and hard and there was not a darn thing I could do about it.  I was carrying a glass so I couldn't very well break my fall with putting my arms/hands out either because that would mean that the glass in my hand would have to fall...And not so sure that would have been a good thing for me to drop the glass and then fall because I would probably end up on the broken glass.  So I had dilemma and not a whole lot of time to react.  I held onto the glass and braced myself as much as possible.  I tried to catch myself as I stumbled but it wasn't meant to be.

Down I went onto the cold HARD floor.


And there I laid on the cold HARD floor for what seemed like 10 minutes but I am sure was only 2.

I peeked around once I got my barrings and I could see Miss K looking at me from the other side of the baby gate.  I know she wanted to help me but of course, couldn't.  Not that she really could anyways since hello, she is only 10 months but at least it made me feel better to know that she was concerned or at least looked concerned.  I wonder what she was thinking?

After another what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably 2 I decided I am not going down like this!  As I rustled up enough steam to pick myself up off the floor the commercial  "I have fallen and I can't get up" ran through my mind.  Really, it honestly did.  Not to make fun of the commercial by any means but I can now say that "I have fallen and I can't get up."

I did though after several more minutes with an audience of one. 

In the end I still have a fully functional glass but my knees and back are not so lucky.  My knees are bruised because my knees are what broke my fall a bit so I didn't hit the floor head on.  My back is a bit messed up at the moment due to the impact.  I tweaked it I am sure of that.  I think I need another handful of ibuprofen.

And Miss K, she just watched the whole time as this all went down.  I wonder what she was thinking?

So how was your evening?  As exciting as mine?

Yup, that is what I looked like just with longer hair!


  1. Oh Gosh! So glad that you didnt get hurt! I remember those gates :) I cant even remember how many times my leg/foot got caught lol.

  2. This had me seriously laughing! I would love to see a video of this--maybe that says something about my character--sorry. I took a fall while I was holding my newborn last year. Amazingly, we made it through OK, but I had some awesome bruises! I think 4 children and old age are catching up with me. Janae:)


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