Tuesday, March 8, 2011

...My Sleeve...

No, there isn't any snot on my sleeve (that I know of anyway).  I am a mother so I have had snot on my sleeve many of times and other places I am certain....but that is not what I have on my sleeve at the moment...

I have something UP my sleeve in the coming weeks and I am just giddy so I had to share a little bit of it....

I am coming up on 200 followers which I am just ecstatic about.  People really like me!  (I think) Maybe they are sympathy follows?  LOL... regardless once I *hit* 200 I am going to have a random drawing with all my followers for a special treat! 

And you don't have to do anything else, enter anything, tweet anything, Facebook follow...Nada!  Just because you are a follower you will be entered in the drawing.

What might you win, you ask?

Well, we are heading out of town in a few weeks going to the Oregon Coast and they have the most wonderful Salt Water Taffy!  I think I will pick up some extra to share it with one of my loyal followers.  Sound good?  So stay tuned. 

I also have a Book Review/Giveaway coming up..I can't tell you the title yet because it has not been released but you will hopefully have the chance to win it BEFORE you can buy it.  Again stay tuned.  I should have this book/extra copies from the publisher this week so I plan on reading it/reviewing it in the next couple weeks.  And it's a good one for us moms.

Make sure you check back often so you don't miss anything.

Oh and did you see the St Patty's Day $110.00 *CASH* Giveaway?  It is still on through 3/17/11.  Hurry up and enter!   Did I mention it is CASH?  See my St Patty's Day Giveaway post to enter or click on the button on the left hand corner of my page to take you directly to the post. 

Hope everyone has a great Fat Tuesday!


  1. Well this is very cool! Congrats on the 200 followers. You asked what chuch I attend. I attend Life Gate Baptist on 148th between Stark and Burnside.
    But I have been looking for a new church home.
    Have fun with the give aways

  2. I love Taffy - Never been to Oregon - almost moved there last summer - Now my husband goes up there every month for business - Would love to visit someday -Hope you hit 200 soon!
    I've Become My Mother
    Kelly's Ideas
    Amazing Salvation

  3. I love Taffy! Helping you reach your 200 mark. New follower from blog hop.
    You can visit me at http://momsinvent.blogspot.com/
    Good Luck! :)

  4. Congrats on nearing 200!!! :)

    Thanks for participating in the Good Friends Click Blog Hop! I'm already follow you, just stopping by to say hi.


  5. You're at 188 now. Getting so close! Congratulations!

    I'm following you back now! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. :)



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