Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dryer Sheets

Thank you Real Simple for giving me another idea of ways to use Dryer Sheets (if you use them)...

I already use them to pick up lint/dust off wood surfaces.
I already deposit one at the bottom of my trash cans to help keep them smelling fresh.

Now I will use them in the shower by wiping down the shower door with one in order to keep the soap scum from building up each time.  Can you say *AWESOME*

Funny thing, I don't use dryer sheets in my laundry...

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  1. Ok let's try this again, without the mis spellings. sorry. They are also good to put under the seats in the car, you know to keep it smelling snuggle fresh. LOL Thanks for the other uses.

  2. Wiping down the shower? Really? Awesome!

    I "Like" this post!

  3. I havent tested the dryer sheet w/the shower yet. I will keep you posted.


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