Monday, March 7, 2011

HAwwwwwwwwww (Insert Long Yawn Sound)

Tired, so very tired.

It is Monday morning, what can I say.  The days are long, the weeks longer, and the weekends WAY too short.  I have been petitioning for a 5 day weekend and 2 day work week for the past several years but getting nowhere FAST.

This weekend of course has been a bit more trying than others since we are all still just coming out of the fog from being sick.  Argh!  We are however all surviving except my husband who thinks he is dying.  Funny how that works with men.  Not too men bash by any means but heck I have been sick for almost 3 weeks and he has now been sick for 3 days and he *IS* dying.  He told me so.  He needs to go to the hospital. 

My response, "Honey, you'll be ok.  You have what everyone else has had.  Take a swig of Cough Suppressant and go into the dr tomorrow to get antibiotics like the rest of us did."  Sorry mom of 4 who has been business as usual (work, activities, church functions, etc) for the past 3 weeks while ill, does not have much sympathy.  LOL

Anywho, we topped the weekend off by going to the Rock & Worship Roadshow with MercyME, Matt Maher, Lacrae, Thousand Foot Krutch, Jars of Clay and Anthem Lights.  Another awesome show!  Every single band got the *sold out* crowd on their feet for the love of GOD!  It was so powerful to be in a coliseum of 10,000 or so people worshiping HIM through music.  I am still in awe and have cold chills as I type this.  It is that empowering.  If you haven't ever had a chance to go to one of these shows, you are missing out.  You should check out their remaining tour dates.  And it was our 12 yr olds FIRST concert, so this one was even more extra special.  He had a very good time, he said.  I am so glad!

So on word and upward into the week we go....Argh!  2 basketball games this week for T plus Trophy Party.  And a new Women's Ministry function Friday night: A progressive dinner.  How cool is that?  We are all jumping on the church bus and going restaurant to restaurant around town eating a different portion of our meal at a different restaurant.  Appetizer here, main dish there, dessert over here...

Going to be a busy week (as if it is ever not busy)....

Until next time....Have a great week!

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  1. Hello neighbor! Sounds like you have a very full week.
    Sick! Yes! Im just coming off sick from last week myself. Isnt it funny how men are dying and our lives must go on as if nothing is happening to us.
    You dinner hop sounds liek a blast!
    What church do you attend in the area? Im looking for a new church.
    Isnt it funny how we find popel in the cyber world that are neigbors. This has happened a lot to me. I think God loves shrinking my world even smaller all the time.
    Blessings and healing to your household

  2. The show sounds incredible! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mercy Me. Hillsong plays in our town pretty often, it's awesome! Glad you guys are feeling a little bit better, it feels like you've been sick forever!

  3. Oh-I'm so tired, too--and it's now TUESDAY!! After seeing Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith on Saturday, I went to see Mary Poppins on Sunday. Two nights in a row Boston...may take me a month to recover! (J/K!) Your concert would have been right up my alley, too!!! I love praise and uplifting!!!


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