Monday, March 14, 2011

Seriously? $625!

Did you see this?  A $625.00 cook book, yes, a cook book...Is it wrapped in gold? Maybe bacon? Nope! 

Apparently, the "former" CTO at Microsoft didn't make enough money in his previous career so he has moved onto writing cook books.  It is however several volumes and I hear the pictures are fabulous however for that much money, I would hope I could at least scratch and sniff to get an idea of what they taste like!

The only people that could probably afford this cook book already have personal chefs so why do they need a cook book anyways?  Hopefully, this doesn't end up a best seller.  So many other things that $625.00 could go towards these days!

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And I am with Sarah McBride, I will stick to the free recipes I glean from friends, family, blogs, and other internet sites!

Where do you get some of your favorite recipes?

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  1. I get them online or in magazines. I hardly ever buy cookbooks.

  2. I have my old Joy of Cooking cookbook from a long time ago & some other books given to me, but most of my recipes come from family & friends.


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