Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Wacky Wednesday" Brought To You By....

None other than...Charlie Sheen!

This is a family blog otherwise I would probably put a clip of his latest rants and raves on here. But since he has a potty mouth and makes no sense what-so-ever I will spare you! 

3 Words for you Charlie!


On reality.  It is about time someone said "no" and is not going to sit idly by and watch you self destruct.  Get some help before you end up another self indulged, egotistical, Hollywood has been.

And your poor boys.  Brooke Mueller get those babies out of that house with a harem and FAST! 

And probably not the brightest thing to bite the hand that feeds you.  Just sayin....

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Update:  As of this morning after I wrote this post the boys were removed from Charlie Sheens home.  Thank God!


  1. Just had a conversation with my hubby about this yesterday. Why everyone is obsessed with Charlie Sheen is besides me. He's ON DRUGS PEOPLE!!! It's not entertainment, it's a train wreck, Geesh!

  2. He is seriously is in some weird state of psychosis. It's painful to watch interviews with him.


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