Friday, March 11, 2011

Coasting on E

Great Scott!

Have you seen the prices of gas these days?  $3.49/gallon in our area.  It cost $52.35 to fill up my tank this past week.  That is 1/2 of my weekly grocery budget.  Argh!!!!  I remember when I started driving way back when and gas was just about $1.00/g and we thought that was a lot then!

Of course, high gas prices, just in time for our beach trip next week for Spring Break (providing there are no residual effects from the Tsunami warning on Oregon Coast).  So glad it is not too terribly far (glory of living in Pac NW; beach, mountains, desert, all within a couple hours).  Probably will take a tank or two...but my God, you have to take out a second mortgage to fill up your car these days even a little sedan!

With all the driving I have done this past week, work, basketball games, basketball banquet, meetings, etc I have had to fill my tank up once already and now just coasting on fumes....

How are the gas prices impacting you and your family?

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  1. Can I just say I'm purposely avoiding driving so I don't have to fill up my car. My real trick is to switch cars with the hubby right when I'm on "E" so that he has to go see the damage to the bank account.

  2. We're avoiding going places too. If we have to go somewhere, we try to run all our errands at the same time. Gas is $3.62 here.

  3. I hate seeing how much it is to fill up so I only do half a stupid I know...
    but somehow I feel like if I see the $60 at one time I'm putting into my tank I'll have a heart attack right there


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