Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Evening!

I think I covered my basis.   In looking at my stats I have noticed people from all over the place viewing my blog so I wanted to make sure the salutation covered everyone. 

This is *AWESOME* but getting to 200 followers has been painful!  It seems like ever since I posted my goal of hitting 200 (about a week or so ago)...I have been slowwwwwwwwwly creeping along.  Oh well, I know I will get there and hopefully then some.   Thank you to all who are followers already.  I sure do appreciate you and the time you spend reading and commenting on my posts.

Anyhoo...husband and I went and saw "The Adjustment Bureau" this weekend with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.  I highly recommend it.  It was a really good movie.  Without giving to much away it is a little Matrix like.  Several twists and turns that keep you guessing for sure. 

We also went for some fondue.  Do you fondue?  I love, love, love fondue.  Of course that makes sense because I love cheese (see My Ode To Cheese post).  My husband not a big fan but he goes along with it.  We go to this little place called Gustavs not too far from where we live and order off the happy hour menu. Fondue, Reuben Pie, Charbroiled Asparagus. Yummy!  It was to die for!  Compliments to the chef, that is for sure.  I am going to do a write up on them for the other blog I write (

Most of the rest of our weekend was spent hanging out indoors because man, it has been raining like cats and dogs here.  Hope it stops soon because this girl needs some vitamin D!  And I want to get our garden going but if it continues to rain this much it will wash out all of our plants.  Argh!  Not good.

Spring break is starting next week.  We are going to go to the beach for a few days.  I am so looking forward to that.   It has been a while since we have been able to just get away for a few days so this should be nice.  Crossing fingers that it will at least dry out for our trip.  Looking forward to spending some quality "unplugged" time with the family.  And eating some fresh crab! 

It is funny in our neck of the woods we always say,  "What follows a sunny day in Portland?"  ~ MONDAY!

That is how it is, often times...It will rain and storm all weekend and then come Monday or the work week in general, glorious weather.  This past Friday it was just that.  Beautiful weather and then come Saturday, cold, gloomy, depressing....

Alright so I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! And thanks again for reading.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I worked over the weekend..a long 16 hour day yesterday :( Hopefully today will be better!

  2. Worked on Taxes which fit the rainy days here in Portland. Gloomy weather gloomy job.
    Still have more to do. but getting closer to the finsh line. Yea!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with hubby and are looking forward to allot of fun at the beach.


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