Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can We Fix It?

Bob, the builder, can we fix it? Bob, the builder, yes we can!

Yeah, not so much in our case.

I am not sure to be happy or sad about this.  Mr. Beanpole, apparently is a bit mechanically inclined (good=happy) when it comes to taking things apart but not so much when trying to put them back together (bad=sad).

Last night as I was preparing a salad for part of our dinner, he was in the back room playing basketball with his brother and his brothers friends (we have a small hoop on the back of T's bedroom door).... so I thought. 

I heard them all talking, giggling, including Mr.Beanpole, so I went about my business preparing the salad which literally took me maybe 5 mins max.  It got pretty quiet at one point so I decided to investigate. 

And what do I find? 

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A 3 year old, with dad's tool box items strewn across the bathroom floor, taking my curling iron apart!  He literally took the screws out of the handle and the rod part fell off.  Luckily, it wasn't plugged in and we never did find all the screws.

So this morning, needless to say, I didn't curl my hair which is always nice!  Tried my best to doll myself up using just product and the hair dryer.  Not so sure it worked but whatever I guess, what can you do?  It was too late to head to find a new curling iron last night so looks like that is what I get to do tonight when the hubby gets home.

Fun times!  (I probably needed a new one anyways).

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Any recommendations?  ( I am pretty frugal and low maintenence so nothing that is going to cost me an arm and a leg nor one that I have to go hunting high and low for at beauty stores).

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  1. Oh my goodness! Boys will be boys "they" always say! I had three girls, so I never experienced those kinds of things personally...but I have 6 grandsons and their moms have had plenty of those experiences!

    Gotta love 'em! But being only 3 yr. old is what surprises me. He must be "advanced" for his age! *smile*

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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