Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bye, Bye, Bink Bink

The time has come to "lose" the binky.

No more bink.bink for Miss K.

She has actually done well without it every now and again because we have lost her "favorite" one and couldn't find another one.  I am sure there is a binky graveyard somewhere in our house that I will find someday with all the missing binkys (and my debit card).  I swear we started off with several only to be left with 1 now. 

It's like the holy grail.  You would think it was made of gold & encrusted in diamonds with how "coveted" it is.  I think we probably freak out more than her when we can't find it.  It is the soother of all things.  Everything is all better with the binky.

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Ok, so maybe this isn't going to be as easy as I think.

But she is almost 14 months and has several teeth now.  She is also talking babbling quite a bit and I don't want a binky in her mouth hindering her.  So I *think* it is time.

We are going to have a bye, bye binky party on Saturday.  We plan on including the few bottles that we have left in this soiree too.  Maybe I will serve some appetizers.  Maybe not.

Does your baby use a binky?   When will or did your baby stop using it?


  1. I'm so lucky my kids used them when they were small babies but then on their own decided they were done with them.

    Good luck on Saturday!

  2. Hey my Kelcee was two and we had this great idea we found off super nanny LOL to have her collect all her binkys and put them in an envelope with stickers etc. decorate it and put them in the mailbox for the poppy fairy she called binky's poppy's lol for all the little boys and girls that needed them. Then we headed to the toy store to buy her a lovey to take her poppy's place. She did so well for she mailed them and she new they were gone. She asked maybe twice we reminded her and she was cool with it. She did take longer to fall asleep at first but that was it she was great with it and we were so proud of her. Good luck


  3. My little girl is 19 months, and although I know that the time is "now", I just can't bare to take it from her. I'm not sure if it's because she's my baby or because it really is her security.. I'd love some tips too,, can't wait to hear the comments that you get!
    Good luck!!


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