Tuesday, June 14, 2011

View From Here

Some pictures from McMenamins Edgefield this past Saturday afternoon/night.


And yes those are "keg" planters and that is a "pipe" garden.  McMenamins is a little "odd" like that but we like "odd" in this neck of the woods.  They even have a Jerry Garcia Sculpture on one of the trails around the golf course. 

Keep Portland Weird.

And their hummus and pita plate (w/feta my favorite) is to die for.  And we can't forget their burgers and sweet potato fries!  Totally hit the spot!  (Don't those pictures make you hungry?)


  1. I'm ready to go there. Their food looks fabulous. I love sweet potato fries. My bakes ones are always shriveled and not so lovely.

  2. I spy quesadilla! YUM! And, now I'm hungry!


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