Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lloyd Dobler!

It is his birthday today.  Hard to believe he is 45!  Who said wine gets better with age?  I think John Cusack does. 

I *love* John Cusack!

Say Anything happens to be one of my all time favorite movies.  One of those coming of age movies that brings back tons of memories from that year (1989).  Funny how a song, a movie can bring memories flooding back like it was yesterday.  The song that he plays from the boom box: In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel also another fav of mine.

I actually had this poster on the back of the door at my old office.  True story!

Say Anything... Poster

Happy Birthday, John!  Hope you had a great day!


  1. Haha, Happy Birthday, John! :)

    I've never seen Say Anything. Maybe I should give it a go!

  2. OMG! I loooove John Cusack! He is soooo good lookin'! I have a picture of him holding up the boombox on a magnet on my fridge.


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