Saturday, June 18, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night....

Do you know what time it is?  It's Howdy Doody Six Word Saturday Time!

That's right.  Describe your life (or something) at the moment in Six Words and then link up with Cate over at Show My Face.  No need to be all serious either.  You can have fun with it!  I love this meme!  I love seeing what everyone else comes up with.

Hayden's Birthday.  Kyleigh's Birthday. Father's Day.

Phew.  We have back to back birthdays this weekend.  Hayden's 4th today.  Kyleigh's 19th tomorrow and then of course Father's Day.  It's funny, you can't wait for the weekend so you can slow down a bit and yeah, it never works out that way in this household. 

We are having a party for Hayden this afternoon.  Serving fun "kid friendly"  finger foods to the guests and yummy cake.  He is beyond excited.  This is all he has been talking about for about the past week.  So cute. He just melts my heart.  Happy Birthday!  I love you, my little tornado!

This is a picture of him taken at the parade a couple weeks ago.  That is one of those balloon yo-yos.  It didn't take long for that to get popped and water all over.

Happy 4th Birthday, Hayden!

And then tomorrow we are taking Kyleigh out to a nice dinner with several other family members and we are using this as kinda a "Father's Day" dinner too. 

Husband gets to go golfing for a few hours after church tomorrow as his "Father's Day" gift.  I think I will take a nap with the kids while he is gone.  I am sure I will need it after today.  LOL!

Happy 19th Birthday, Kyleigh!
It's hard to believe I "birthed" you 19 years ago.  Where did the time go?  I am so proud of what you have accomplished in your life so far and look forward to seeing you continue to blossom into a young woman.   You are truly beautiful on the inside and out.  I love you, My Sweet Babe!

Happy Father's Day to my husband and the "best" daddy around.  Thank you for being such a loving & caring father to our children.  I love you!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, you have a busy weekend, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Happy Birthday to your children and Happy Father's Day to your husband. I hope you all have a great weekend!e

  2. It's the birthday month in my family too...Husband, cousin, Mom AND Dad! :) (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

  3. I had a father once. I think I musta been about 4. By the time I hit 19, he'd pretty much given up on the whole fatherhood thing. No biggie; I guess I wasn't much of a son by then, either. I'm pretty glad we started talking again a couple years before he died, though we never really had all that much to say to each other.

  4. Oh certainly will have a busy weekend...enjoy!

  5. I like busy weekends that are full of family memories in the making... kids grow up and disappear all too fast... enjoy them! :-)

    ~Josie Two Shoes~
    Two Shoes In Texas 
    Monday Memories
    Write A Letter Wednesday
    Words In Motion

  6. Happy Birthdays to Hayden and Kyleigh! Great 6WS post!

  7. Happy Birthday and Fathers Day - enjoy your busy weekend and make sure you take 10 for your self :-)


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