Sunday, June 26, 2011


Orange, Cherry or Grape.  I must have said it a bazillion times.  Easy enough choice, right? Ha!

 He says, "Lime".

"We don't have Lime.  We have Orange, Cherry or Grape",  I say again.

A few minutes pass while he is wiggling around looking them over (they are still in the wrappers might I add so he really can't see them very well). 

"Chocolate", he says.

"We don't have Chocolate, we don't have Lime.  We have Orange, Cherry or Grape.  Which one do you want?", I say with a little bit more urgency in my voice since a this point they are starting to melt.

"Orange", he finally says.  So I give him the Orange Popsicle. I take the Cherry one and proceed to start eating it.

Literally seconds later after he already started to eat his Popsicle, he eye balls mine.  "I want Cherry", he says.

Cherry, it is.  I hand him my Cherry Popsicle.   He hands me his Orange Popsicle, in all its slobbery glory.  Mmm, yum!  (Yah, not so much)

Next time, I don't think I will be giving the 4 yr old the choice.  He gets whatever flavor I pull out of the box.

What are your favorite "cold" treats for a warm summer day?

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  1. So funny! My kids are also very particular about there flavors, but there choices change every day. Except for my 3-year-old. He always wants chocolate.

    I think I need to buy just one flavor--no choices. :)

  2. Haha! The Kid does the same thing with vitamins!

    "Do you want purple, orange or red?"




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