Thursday, June 16, 2011

Confessions of A Non Superwoman #7

And here we are yet again...

Why I am not a superwoman (as if you didn't already have enough proof of this based on my past confessions).

1.  Hayden decided to make his own breakfast this past Saturday morning.  A Hot Pocket.  Apparently, I was lallygagging too much and he was hungry so he decided to make his own.  Hot Pocket, nice.  I guess it could have been worse?

2.  Because I am just *uber* organized lately (Ha!), I forgot to leave clothes out for the two small children the other day, daddy has morning duties...and when I picked up the kids, Kaylyn was wearing this:

You might be wondering, what's the problem?  It matches, it's cute, etc but the *shorts* they are not really *shorts*.  They are actually size 3 months pants!  LOL!

3.  This is what happens when moms cooking dinner and not paying close attention to 3 year old.

He finds a screw driver that daddy left out and pokes holes in our hot tub cover.  Nice!  Again, I guess it could have been worse?

4.  Last night I got out of the shower and realized that I hadn't rinsed the conditioner out of my hair.

5.  While cooking dinner last night, I couldn't find one of my favorite skillets.  After looking high and low for several minutes, I found it in our extra refrigerator with some spaghetti sauce still in it.  I don't recall making spaghetti recently (I am going to have to check my MPM posts) so who knows how long it has been in there.  Ick!

Do you have any confessions you want to share?  Don't be shy! 


  1. i do not have any confessions that i'd like to share...but, i do have lots of confessions mostly centering around what we eat for dinner (sometimes cereal) and what the tiny tot wears to daycare (one day it was pajamas, dirty ones (as i know he picked them up from the floor) husband said that they looked like clothes to him (but the daycare ladies knew otherwise, as they laughed when i picked up the tiny one)!!! :D

  2. hahaha - well daddy didn't do too bad a job putting together the outfit. The colours match, it is just a good thing the pants are stretchy!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting me over at Pop Culture Casualty. I love this post. I might make my own confessions list and link up with you. On my list today, I confess that I eat goldfish off the floor that have fallen out of my daughters mouth. Easier than vacuuming.

  4. Been there, done that! I have too many confessions to start listing! LOL!!

  5. Your post cracked me up! I think are lives are quite parallel.

    My 7 and 5 year old girls still wear 3T and even 2T pants as cut-offs and have a few toddler dresses as tops! Though, if my husband helps get them ready it is scary. He'll let them out of the house with uncombed hair, messy faces, and crazy clothes. Yikes!

    I love that your son got his own break fast. Mine had goldfish for breakfast the other day. :)

  6. It can get pretty scary when Daddy's dress kids! Haha.

    This post made me lol. Have a great day!

  7. Two out of six comments where people are eating goldfish - have I missed a new trend?

    Love your post - I can definitely identify.

    Flip that cape over your shoulder and walk tall - your daughter is clothed and your son is fed, who could ask for more.

  8. Love these posts. They make me want to write them. I also got out of the shower recently without washing conditioner out. Didn't notice until I was dressed and trying to comb thru. YUCK.


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