Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ahh, How Cute...Puppies vs Babies.

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They both are tiny.  They both smell delightful (most of the time).  I *love* the smell of puppy breath, don't you?  And the little rolls under the babies chin or tiny toes of a baby.  Ahh, heaven.  They are both soft, cute and cuddly. And maybe even a bit furry.  Remember when your baby was born that little layer of fuzz they had.

Anytime I see a newborn baby, I just want to smell it, touch it, hold it, but now that I think about it, I want to do this to puppies too.
This is going to be a tougher than I thought.  Puppies vs Babies which are cuter?


If you haven't heard Animal Planet had a  Puppies vs. Babies online contest not too long ago and now it is time to vote.

Did you get a chance to send your pictures in?  Did your baby or puppy make the cut?

Voting starts now and goes through November 23rd, 2011.  And the winner of the cutest baby or puppy will win $5000.00!

Who will be crowned the cutest puppy or baby?  Get your vote in now at Puppies vs. Babies.

If I had to choose based on my babies, OF COURSE they would win by a long shot but I didn't enter unfortunately . I'm not biased or anything but all of my babies have been perfect (and then they turned two).  They are still cute and cuddly but don't necessarily always smell that pleasant any longer kinda like most puppies too.  Don't get me wrong I love puppies but in the end I think babies win my heart.

Check out this picture of my little girl.  The look on her face, if I had to guess what she was thinking it would be "Are you talking to me?"


Make sure you vote before it is too late at  Puppies vs. Babies and come back and comment who you voted for.  I am curious.
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