Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ticker Tape Ramblings

It is time for another edition of Ticker Tape Ramblings.

Random thoughts going through my head at the moment.  It IS the middle of the night.  I have insomnia so please take these all with a grain of salt and don't hold them against me in the morning.

1.  It is already Thanksgiving.  Where has the time gone?
2.  So much to do still before Thursday.
3. Clean. Cook. Repeat.
4.  I need to get a new toilet paper thingy majig.  I am not sure what happened to the roll thingy that the toilet paper goes on. What is that called?
5. My cat has become so needy.  She meows that loud meow all the time especially when I am sleeping.  I think that is what woke me up.
6. It is raining buckets here.  I mean literally buckets upon buckets.
7. I can't wait for spring.  I know winter hasn't even technically begun but I can dream right?  Although spring is not much better rain wise.  Ok, hurry up summer.
8. How did I end up in Oregon the land of liquid sunshine?  I need to move to a warmer climate. I miss capris, flip flops, all year.
9. I hope our turkeys dethaw in time.  Yikes.
10. We are having a potluck today at work. 
11.  Don't forget the crock pot.
12. 4 days off work.  Ahhh.  Hopefully, I can catch up on some stuff namely sleep.
13. The boys look so cute sharing a bed.  It is funny seeing a 13 year old laying next to 4 year old in a car bed.
14. Got to clean out toys this weekend.
15. Where is the phone?  It is not on the hook and I know when I need it, it will be dead.
16.  We need to steam clean our carpets, ick.
17.  I hope someone took the trash down to the road last night, tonight.
18.  My check engine light came on yesterday.  I should probably figure out why.
19. I don't watch DWTS, but glad J.R. won.
20. I'm hungry.

With that I think I might go eat a bowl of cereal and try and go back to sleep for a few hours before I have to get up for work.

What random thoughts are going on in your head?

This is what I am talking about.
What is it called?  A baton? A roll?

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  1. What on earth are you doing up for? I need to do a post like this and empty my head of %$#@.

    1) It's a toilet roll holder as far as I know - never heard of it called anything else
    2)I'm a summer girl who only wears capris and flip flops
    3)Cats usually meow like that when they're on heat don't they?
    4)Maybe I need a car bed
    5)My boys took the rubbish out tonight, hope yours got taken out

    You need sleep, food and a break in that order. By the way I'm un-fired now LOL


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