Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween --ER Style

What an eventful Halloween in our household.  And it wasn't because of any ghosts or goblins.
 scaring the hee-bee-geebies out of us.

Our oldest, Kyleigh, got into a car accident on her way home yesterday.

Her first car accident. 

She was coming through a light near our house when a couple cars ahead of her pulled half way into the middle lane to turn into a parking lot and then several cars behind that car, breaked unexpectedly.  She rear ended the car in front of her.  She ended up hitting the windshield with her head cracking it (she is pretty thick headed...lol) so ended up with a concussion.  She bruised her neck/back pretty good and her knee which broke the steering column in her car on impact.  It could of however been a lot worse so PTL that it was only this.

Sure did give this momma a heart attack though.  Especially since at first when she called me sobbing saying she got in a car accident the phone died just as she finished that sentence.  I frantically tried calling her back several times to no answer.
At that point I ran out the door a little bit hysterical in search of her.  I knew she had to have been on her way home from work and I knew the route she drives.  Luckily, Tyler was home at the time so I left Hayden & Kaylyn with him for a few mins until grandma could get over to the house (she only lives two blocks away) until Daddy could get home from work to take care of the little ones.

They did a CT and no bleeding on the brain so that is positive.  This morning she is still a bit foggy and sore but all in all I think her poor little car took most of the beating.

Royalty F...

How was your Halloween? 


  1. That is super scary! Hopefully she feels better soon.

  2. Oh my goodness - how scary!!! I can understand that feeling of terror you must have felt when her phone died right after she told you she got in an accident . . . but the picture I have in my head of you just blindly running outside to look for her struck me as a tiny bit humourous. Did you get in your car and drive around the neighborhood or were you just running up and down each street? I'm so glad she wasn't hurt!!!

  3. A mothers worst nightmare, one I hope to avoid for a very long time to come. I'm glad she's okay and no serious injuries.

    Now you can ease your heart rate back to a normal pace


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