Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Operation: Declutter

Did you know it is National Clean Out Your Refridgerator DayWell now you do.  You're welcome.

 Perfect timing too!  Just think how much more room you will have for all your Thanksgiving left overs.

Since my refridgerator is in somewhat decent shape I decided to clean out something else.

It has become very apparent that I need to organize a bit lot in my utensil drawer. 

Half the time I can't even get the drawer open because of all the utensils jammed in there.  You would think this was my junk drawer, huh?

I have way to many utensils.  I am sure I don't even use half of these. 

So I have a plan...

For the next three to four weeks I am going to move any of the items that I actually use out of this drawer and put into my other much more organized drawer. When all is said and done, any items that are still in the utensil drawer, I will be donating. 

What are some of your quick and easy organization tips?


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  1. Oh no, National Clean out the Fridge day? Ugh...for a clean freak, that is one of those things I hate doing!!


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