Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cat Poop & Rocky Road

Ok, so I know you might be wondering how does Cat Poop and Rocky Road end up in the same sentence let alone as the title of the post.

As you might know, we added to our family this past week, ohh you didn't know?  Well go check out my A New Addition post and then you will.  We are the proud new parents to one cute as a button, bundle of energy, spastic kitten, named Bella.  Well, Bella is not totally boxed trained yet so we have had a few *minor* poop incidents in the house. Luckily, they have been on linoleum in our laundry room and in the corner of our entry way and not on the carpet.

Here is where the Rocky Road comes in.  We got a gallon of Rocky Road Ice Cream the other night as a treat (as if we needed it after Thanksgiving overload but any who).  Rocky Road is one of my favorite flavors along with Strawberry Cheesecake, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pralines & Cream...Sorry back to my story....There just so happened to be a large brown glob of what I thought was Cat Poop in the middle of our kitchen floor and I began to go a bit ballistic.   Wrapping a huge amount of toilet paper around my hand (I know gross but someone has to pick it up) I reached down to lump it up into the toilet paper and lo and behold it was not Cat Poop but rather a glob of Rocky Road Ice Cream that one of the kids had dropped. I have never been more thankful for ice cream on my floor.

Want some Rocky Road Ice Cream?

See the resemblance?

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