Saturday, November 5, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Good morning! 

I haven't linked up with Cate for a few weeks and I am going through withdrawals.  LOL.  You can link up too at

My kids get up to early.

Even when they go to bed a little bit later than usual which they did last night since it was Friday, they still get up at the butt crack of dawn.  Why is that?

I am typing this out while they are still mellow and not bouncing off the walls or climbing all over me.

Hayden didn't take a nap yesterday at preschool and Kaylyn's naps are pretty short these days so you would think their little bodies would be tired. 

We have a full day today so hopefully they won't be grumpy wompass'.

See you later.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. When they are teens they'll be getting up too late, LOL!! Never a happy balance, I think!! Hope your day is a good one!


  2. My girls got up at 1030 and the boy at 9am. I got up at 10am. We are sleepers here. Always have been. I was still up way too early!

  3. I'm hoping my daughter, once she gets here, is a sleeper like I am! :)

  4. Sorry to hear that. I remember those days well.

  5. Neither of my kids have ever been the type to sleep in if they went to bed late the night before. It's definitely frustrating!

  6. I'm dealing with this right now too. My 3-year-old will stay up so late then be up so early and wake everyone else up too!


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