Saturday, November 19, 2011

Confessions of a Non Superwoman #13

Lucky #13.  Ha!  I'm not very superstitious but I did think about skipping over #13 and moving right onto #14.  But that would be cheating.

1.  This past week I was really contemplating getting a dog.  I mean seriously thinking about it.  I am so tired of sweeping my floors 10x a day.  I figured if we had a dog they would do most of the work.

2.  Did you see my A Joint Effort post a few weeks ago. Yeah, we had another one of those moments this past week but it wasn't quite as bad.  I caught them before the whole box got dumped.

3.  I didn't go to my PtC training this morning.  Only the second week in and already FAIL!  I really wanted to but both Kaylyn and I woke up with the cruds so I went back to sleep. 

4.  And because of the cruds I didn't do my 6WS meme with Cate at which I am bummed about.  Love that linky party!

5.  Haven't accomplished much today other than writing this post and drowning my sorrows cruds with almost a whole bag of Christmas Hershey Kisses that the hubby bought this morning when he went for coffee.  Yes, I have eaten almost the WHOLE.FREAKIN.ENTIRE.BAG myself.  Another FAIL!

New Years is coming up right ?  So maybe my New Years Resolution will be no more pity party's with bags of candy.  Wait, I don't make New Years Resolutions because that is just another FAIL! LOL. 

I know it is barely Thanksgiving but have you thought about your New Years resolution?  Do you typically make them and do you stick with them, really?

Alright back to my chocolate eating. 

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone!

Look he is taunting me! 


  1. Yup! don't you just love those 'cruddy' types of days.

    I'm not big on chocolate but I do the potato crisp binge on a cruddy day. Don't be so hard on yourself

    Can't live without coffee, I gave up nicotine but I can't give up the caffeine.

    PS love the car bed

    Hope your week is 'crud-less' LOL

  2. Jenn - I say chocolate helps with everything! :) Don't be too hard on yourself!


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