Wednesday, February 29, 2012

By The Numbers

500 burros walking back from town.

250 families with 4 generations. 

150 school kids grades 1st-5th.  In 1 dirt floored room.

 1 mother.  1 child.

1 village of Megaladi.

With one hope
Clean water

With clean water so much could change for this village.
They would have water to drink.
To irrigate fields of agriculture.
They can then sell food from the crops for income.
To cook.
For livestock.
They become healthier.
Live longer lives.
They become self sustainable long term.
No longer reliant on others.

They do not know what tomorrow brings.
They need help TODAY.
They don't want a hand out, they want a hand up.

1,972 of  you.

All I need is 25 sponsors of $12.00 per month and we can transform this village.

Will you partner with me and the GHNI TCD ?

You CAN be the change.  You CAN make a difference.

It is that simple!


  1. Jenn - I filled in all of my info and then when I clicked "continue" it says it will continue but will not be a secure transaction. Any ideas? I don't need my CC # floating around the net.

  2. Ok - I just called the number in Florida. She didn't even know about Megaladi. It's not on their main website. So Peggy is now smarter :) LOL. Now the village needs 24 sponsors.

  3. Thanks Shannon. I passed the info onto Jonathan our trip leader and he is going to figure out what is going on.

  4. Hi Shannon! Welcome aboard, excited to have you as part of the Megaladi's Extended Village!

    I had our team check out the security of the site and everything is good to go.

    Cheers from Ethiopia,



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