Monday, February 13, 2012

Ticker Tape Ramblings

Insomnia, it sucks.  I have had a lot of it this past week.  I sleep for a few hours and then I am up. Not sure how I am functioning through the day.  Especially since I am still not drinking caffeine.  Day 43.

1.  Got my luggage out of shed on Sunday.

2.  Now I just have to start packing (but not right now).

3.  Need to come up with a menu plan for while I am gone.

4.  Think I am going to do freezer meals to make it simple.

5.  Which means I have to cook TONS this next weekend.  Fun!

6.  I hate insomnia.

7.  My kitchen is thrashed.

8.  Maybe I should clean it since I am up.

9.  I think Tyler made the AAU Basketball team (tryouts were on Sunday)

10. Wow, that means some traveling for games.  Hmm...

11. Both Hayden & Kaylyn have colds.  Of course, right before I leave.

12. I hate insomnia.  (Do you see a pattern?)

13. I got my hair cut this weekend but not sure I like how they styled it.

14. I got my eye brows waxed and upper lip too.

15. What a difference all that makes.  Anyone else growing mustaches these days?  LOL! Gotta love aging and hormone changes.

16.  Went to a Jimmy Needham, Trip Lee and Andy Cherry concert Saturday night.  It was awesome! When Trip Lee was on stage felt like the oldest in the crowd, but luckily wasn't.  Probably 60+ year old man in front of us getting his groove on.  It was cute.

17.  Ok, I think that is enough rambling for now. 

18.  Wouldn't it be nice if your brain had a purge or delete button? 

19.  My husband vacuumed my car today. How sweet was that?

20.  Ok, for reals this time.  Good night.

Actually I just looked at the clock and I have to get up in about an hour to get ready for work, think I will stay up and clean up the kitchen.

Have an awesome Monday!


  1. My goodness girl, it sounds like your running on pure adrenaline. The only time I ever suffered from insomnia was when I was pregnant and then it was because of worrying.
    I'm sure your body is all mixed up from lack of caffeine and the millions of things to prepare for your trip. Rest easy my friend you don't want to burn yourself out before your trip - but wow you must be excited :-)

  2. Share these freezer meal ideas!! :)

  3. Of course. As soon as I decide which meals I will post them and link to recipes.


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