Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cruising at 35,000 Feet

I typed this while I sat on the plane on my way to Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the plane didn't have internet access nor could I use my iphone...Gasp. So here I sit typing this post in word to then copy and paste into a post when I deplane. Hoping that there will be free wi fi that I can connect to really quick so I can give everyone back home a quick shout that I landed. I guess we shall see.

Wow, this is a long flight. Not as long as I thought but never the less. A long flight.

They had a few movies showing. Moneyball, I have already seen so I opted to read my book instead. Almost done. I have been meaning to finish reading it so what better time than while locked in a plane at 35000 feet, right? Lord, knows I can't sleep. Nope, not a wink at this point and almost half way to Amsterdam. The sandman is not calling my name. My eyes hurt because I have had insomnia the last couple nights but just can't get comfortable. I even have most of a row to myself too but nothing.

It is so boring on the plane I don't even have any interesting people watchin stories. I was so hoping I would but I got nothing. Everyone is snoozing, but me. I have always said sleeping is overrated but I am sure when I land that is when I am going to crash and burn. Ought to be funny to see. Yeah, not really.

Update on the people watching : shortly after I typed this I walked in on a yiddish woman going to the bathroom. (You know Ya Ya). Not sure who was more embarrased me or her. And then this lady in the row in front of me started smacking her face all over. I think maybe she was trying to wake herself up? I don't know. I found it a little odd. But that is just me.

I subjected myself to playing some video games on the computer out of pure boredom. I DON'T play video games EVER...I still don't but when you are bored, you often times will do things you don't typically do. I played Pac Man for awhile. I remember playing Pac Man as a kid on Atari. Remember those? I am a child of the early 80's (I just aged myself, huh?). Oh well what can I say. I didn't do to well then nor did I do to well now. I think my video playing days are over.

They are going to be playing the Ideas of March soon. I am looking forward to watching that movie. Wanted to see that movie but never got around to it. That is the movie with Ryan Gosling and George Clooney (I think). Ryan Gosling. That is all I will say about that. He was in that movie Drive. Husband and I went to see it awhile back. Not a huge blockbuster but a good movie, a little bit graphic. I really loved Cary Mulligan in it. She has such an innocent quality about her that in all the movies I have seen with her. I just want to hug her and tell her everything will be ok. LOL. If you can handle some graphic scenes I would say see it. Drive that is. I will let you know how Ideas of March is later. Definetly a darker film for pretty boy, clean cut Ryan Gosling.

Update on movie: They didn't play the movie with Ryan Gosling and George Clooney. They played Water for Elephants instead. Ho hum movie. I don't really care for RPat. I like Reese Witherspoon but this role was very minor at best.

My computer and phone are still on Portland time. This time change thing is really going to mess me up, IT IS really messing me up. It is almost midnight here as I finish this post and I feel like I should be awake and have an early morning wake up call.

The drive from the airport was interesting. No stop lights, no stop signs, just a free for all. Biggest car or van wins. It wasn't too busy on the roads since it was about 1030pm by the time we started our drive to the hotel. Our hotel that we are staying at is in a shanty part of town but it is one of the nicer hotels, I hear. There was a long, dark and windy road to get here. And pedestrians, they don't move. They just walk where ever and the cars are suppose to go around them. We can hear all the wild dogs howling from our balcony. They are not too far off in the distance. Kinda neat sounding, yet scary too.

I am going to sign off for now. Tomorrow we will have some time to post some pictures and share some more.


  1. I'm right alongside you on your journey so I can't believe you got bored, why didn't you just turn to your side and say hi. LOL Long flights are the pits.
    Eagerly awaiting pictures, stay safe

  2. Gosh I'd give anything to be bored on a plane! Nothing to DO!,, no to DO list! :)))

  3. Fi, the girl that was sitting next to me cried the whole way to Amsterdam and was wearing head phones. So not the best conversational partner. LOL. I will be posting pictures soon. When we got in last night it was dark so didnt get too many of Addis Ababa but now that we are in the place that we are staying I will be taking more pics and loading them online shortly. We have had some issues with internet access too.


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