Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who Needs A Mop?

The littles have figured out the water dispenser on the refrigerator.  Hayden has known about it for quite some time but he recently shared his secret with his little sister.

This was not good.  Not good at all.  Now she is simply infatuated with it. 

Every little second she gets when I am not fully paying attention she will go press the button.  WITHOUT a cup underneath it mind you.

You would think by now Momma would know not to leave them unattended for any amount of time.

But apparently Momma hasn't learned her lesson until now.

I went to change the laundry the other day and I came back to a lake in our kitchen.  Seriously, I was in the laundry room for maybe 1-2 minutes max and that is all it took.

Waterfall a flowing down our fridge onto the floor.

And when I came back into the kitchen to this...They were jumping in the water laughing. Having a great ol'time like it was normal to have a lake in our kitchen.  I however was not (laughing).  They were soaked from head to toe.

6 or 7 fully soaked towels later...we were back on dry land.

In related news, my kitchen floor is clean so no mopping for me this past weekend.



  1. It's all in how you look at it, wet kids, lake in the kitchen but ah yes no need to mop the kitchen floor nany more LOL

  2. The image of them all splashing in the water made me laugh. Though the same thing happened when our basement flooded and I wasn't laughing either.
    I wish they'd make locks for those dispensers!

    Nice you didn't have to mop. :)


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