Sunday, February 5, 2012

Foosball Gluttony!

Remember the Adam Sandler movie Waterboy with Kathy Bates how she always called Football, Foosball?  Although, I don't tend to enjoy most of Adam Sandlers movies these days (must be my age) I do however like Kathy Bates. 

The Super Bowl, it is like a national holiday here in the states.  Everyone has their Super Bowl parties with food & drink to the point of gluttony.  Even for those that don't typically watch football, I bet they are watching the Super Bowl if for nothing else but for the commercials & food.  Scarfing down platters of nachos, chips & dips, chicken wings, chili...  You name it, it is probably on the menu. 

Which brings me to a bit of a debate that my husband and I had today about our menu. 

My husband has the school of thought of go big or go home on days such as these and in years past I was right there with him.  But now it is different for me. As of late I have been taking the stance more often that we don't *need* to overindulge nor do I *want* to overindulge.  And we didn't need to overindulge in the past but unfortunately like many Americans and the like we wanted to and did.

Now it is different.

During our debate I reminded him of the trip to Ethiopia that I will be going on in a few short weeks and that I will be going to a country where many people are lucky if they receive one meal a day.  And he was complaining that I didn't get *enough* wings. Even though I will be making Chicken Tacos, Nachos and Wings...I didn't get *enough* wings.  Look at that... Even when I am not trying to overindulge, an argument can easily be made that we are.

Now it is different.

I am no longer talking the talk but rather trying to walk the walk when it comes to my families overindulgence, needless spending, material possessions, etc.  It is obviously a work in progress but one that I want to and need to make.  Don't be surprised if when I return from Ethiopia if we downsize, give away tons of our *stuff* and live much more simpler, meaningful and happier lives.  And please don't take that the wrong way because I am not saying that those that do indulge or have tons of possessions live complicated and less meaningful lives. 

Here is a little bit more proof of Americans overindulgence.

According to The Wall Street Journal Americans will consume:
  • 13.2 million pounds of pretzels
  • 45.8 pounds of chips
  • 111 million gallons of beer.

Which means there is probably going to be a whole lot of Drinking & Driving.  Statistics show that 40% of accidents today will be caused by an impaired driver most likely coming from a Super Bowl party.

If you drink, please do not drive.  Designate a driver or call a cab.

Flamingo ...

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  1. That's whole lot of food and beer.
    In answer to your question yes we do get the Superbowl shown live in Adelaide, but 10am on a Monday means only the diehard fans would watch.
    It's not very big at all in Oz


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