Friday, December 31, 2010

The More You Know....

The More You KOHLS!

I stumbled into Kohls today...I had no intention of going there when I woke up this morning but since I was at Fred Meyers next door already, I thought what the heck...It can't be that bad.  Plus I had a 20% off discount that was in my email from a few days ago...I know!  Just like magic, it appeared. 

Actually if you sign up on their email list, you will get these promotions, ads, etc just like me AND often times you will get the ads before they are published in the inserts for the newspapers...Pretty cool, huh?  If you haven't signed up, its not too late (not too late to even get in on this deal).

Upon meandering through Kohls, I noticed there are a lot of good deals going on right now (and you know I am all about getting good deals).  They are having a HUGE 3 day sale...I don't normally shop at Kohls but today I am glad I did. 

I walked out of there spending only $40.43 and I got a ton of stuff!!!

2 full outfits for H (4 items)
1 full outfit for K (2 items)
6 new large bath towels (6 items)
A snuggie (for an upcoming birthday gift) (1 item)
A reed diffuser (for an upcoming birthday gift) (1 item)

 14 total items so therefore the average cost per item is $2.88!!!

They also have TONS of toys on sale, in case you have a childs birthdays coming up in the winter/spring months.  They are anywhere from 40%-70% off!   Can't beat that!

What a way to close out an already good year! 

Note:  This is not a paid endorsement

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