Thursday, July 7, 2011

Co Sleeping

You either agree with it OR you don't.

This seems to be a *hot* topic of debate from time to time that does not have a grey area. It is black or white.

I see both sides of the coin.  I was a non co sleeping parent for my first two children.  I was *super* young when I had our oldest daughter and so everything was by the book.  Sleep in the crib, on side, no heavy blankets in crib, no stuffed animals in crib...You get the picture. 

When the second child came along a few years later I relaxed a little bit but he was a good sleeper and slept well in his crib so I never messed with a good thing.  He had a comforter and I even think we propped up a few cute stuffed animals at the foot of his crib.

And then I had the 3rd & 4th child.  This is where co sleeping entered our life.

It started off casually and innocent enough.  First with Hayden starting back in June 2007. Second with Kaylyn starting back in May 2010. 

I would *obviously* be up several times in the middle of the night feeding the baby.  Instead of putting them back in their bassinet where they seemed to "not sleep like a baby" I would snuggle with them in our bed.  They slept so much more sound when right next to me, skin to skin.  They could hear my heartbeat. They could feel my warm breath on their cool little bald heads. I could feel them breath.  Often times we both slept pretty sound and for longer increments.   It was all good.  I didn't think twice about it.  It became a habit.  This was part of our special times, just snuggling and drifting off to sleep. 

It is now July 2011. 

Hayden gradually graduated to his bed at around age 1 1/2-2, not that he never slept in his crib/bed prior to that but often times he would start out there and end up in with us. Half the time, I wouldn't even know he was in with us until I woke up in the morning, that is how *dog* tired I was.  Thankfully, he now sleeps in his bed, starts out in his bed and most days wakes up in his bed.  I would say 3 out of the 7 days I find myself with a sliver of the bed and a leg or arm intertwined with mine.

Kaylyn, is 14 months.  We have this beautiful crib that she has never *really* slept in. Seriously.  She has been in it a few times when I need her confined for short periods but mostly she sleeps with us, still.  And combine her now with on occasion Hayden in with us, does not make for a good night sleep.  We only have a queen size bed so you can only imagine how packed in like sardines we are.  No wonder why my neck and back ache daily.

I know we *should* get her into her crib because the longer we do this dance the harder it will be to break her from it but I *love* co sleeping.  I *love* that special bonding time. I *love* that she still likes to snuggle up under my chin, lays her head on my chest and falls fast to sleep.  Heck, half of the time I am not too far behind. I *love* softly stroking her little head as she gazes up at me.  I *love* the smell of my little girl.  I just *love* the closeness. 

I know everyone has their opinions about co sleeping and maybe we are still co sleeping for my own selfish reasons (I have analyzed this for a while now).  But I am not ready.  She might be.  I don't know.  She is our last baby so I think I am going to milk it as long as I can (or until my husband says enough is enough which I think he likes the snuggle time too so it may be awhile).

Good Night!  I am off to co sleep with my baby!

Do you co sleep now or have you in the past?  What were your reasons for co sleeping? Was it hard to *wean* the child?  At what point did you *wean* the child from co sleeping?

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  1. I originally started co-sleeping with my daughter (3 years ago) because I was a full time working mom then and I felt that was the only time I could cuddle with my baby, plus it was so much easier. No nead to get up to nurse a baby, just nurse right there in bed and go back to sleep. Great when I had to wake up at 6am.
    With my son, I am also co sleeping. I am no longer working, I love cuddling with him during the night, It is our special time.
    I love it when he wakes up in the morning and sees me in bed and smiles. I love co sleeping and am planning on doing it with all of my future kids to.

  2. I never did the co-sleeping thing with my daughter. I get too hot at night while I sleep so I don't want another hot, sweaty body next to mine. My sister did co-sleeping with both her children and now her husband sleeps on the couch instead of the bed. You seem to have figured out the right amount of co-dependence though:)

  3. I have to be honest and pray that I don't get any junky remarks stating that I am harming my children ( I doubt I have a lovely audience here ) but I often have all of my kids sleep in my bed. I'd say 90% of the nights. My children are 8, 9, 12 and 17. It started about 12 years ago and I've just never quit. My husbnad is a very loud snorer and also works out of town most nights, so there is plenty of room in the bed for all of us. My children love their cuddle time. There is nothing more peaceful and serene than sleeping, holding and being held. ♥

  4. Great blog. Just happened to stumble by,.
    I am a new follower

  5. My boys, age 10, often find their way into my bed at night - not every night but often. I love it! I love waking up to them sleeping or cuddled up next to me. It's a special time and one that I would not give up!

  6. I don't really have an opinion for other people regarding co-sleeping. That's a 'you do what you fell is right' sort of thing.

    With the Kid we put him in his crib from day one and that's where he slept. He slept great there and I never really had any issues with it.

    My SiL (whose daughter is 4 mo older than the Kid) put my Niece in bed with her from day one . . . and year one . . . and two . . . and three . . . and that's when I decided I would probably never be a co-sleeping parent.

    Our bed is NOT that big and often J takes up so much of it I don't get any room (Read that as he sleeps in the MIDDLE and Won't Move!) and when you put another person in there? Well, I don't get much sleep.


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