Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

It is said that when the French populance had no bread to eat, Marie-Antoinette , the Queen consort of Louis XVI said:

 "Let them eat cake!"

A couple weeks ago our church had a Cake Auction to raise money to send several of the youth members to summer camp.  The catch, the youths had to make the cakes....

And that they did!  They brought it big time!

I was totally impressed by some of these masterpieces.  Of course we know that *some* probably had the help of parents, but even so, I never knew we had so many bakers in our congregation. 

Look at some of the *awesome* cakes they made!


Are these great or what?

Wait there is more....


And some more...


And this wasn't even all of them!  There were tons of cupcakes, cake pops, cookies...anything your sweet tooth could desire.

Hayden even won some cupcakes in the cake walk.  They were D-E-L-I-S-H because of course they were made by my friend, Shannon.  She makes some of the best cupcakes this side of the Mississippi.  SERIOUSLY! 


And guess what cake we bought?

My husband is a huge basketball freak fan. Did you figure it out? 

You guessed it.  The Trailblazer logo cake (first cake in the first collage)  that was made by our youth pastor, I swear especially for my husband.  Earlier that day in church when it was on display, I thought my husband was going to steal it.  He probably would have, had it not been at church. Ha!  We paid $19.00 for it and it was worth it.  Yummy!

Ok, you can stop drooling now.  Go make your own.


  1. What a nice event to have and really love all the super wonder cakes!

  2. I don't understand how people can be so talented. I mean, when I "make" a "cake" it turns out looking like crap. Literally.

  3. Wow what talent - these look amazing

  4. What magnificent cakes. Clever kids.

  5. Wow those are great! I can't even bake. I am a new GFC follower. Visit my daughter and I at our blog, Says Me Says Mom Http://saysmesaysmom) where we talk about anything and everything.

  6. I'm catching up on a lot of missed blogs and you're killing me here! Now I need cake AND cupcakes!!


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