Saturday, July 9, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Good day!

Hope everyone is having a Fantabulous Saturday.

I am linking up with Cate over at again because I *love* it.  Want to have fun with us?

Then describe your life at the moment in 6 words.  It can be serious, fun, whatever you want because it is your life and your 6 words.  If you want you can explain it, post images, etc.  It is all up to YOU!

Countdown has begun for Sunriver trip!

Whoo-hooo!  We are heading over to Sunriver for a much needed mini vacation next week.

I can't wait! 

Just me, the family and 5 glorious days of a whole lot of nothing.  Well probably something but for the most part we are going to fly by the seat of our pants and go with the flow.  The condo we rented has a pool so I am sure we will spend some time there and we are not too far from Bend which is a mecca of touristy type stuff and LOTS of good restaurants (and well reknowed brewerys). 

Ohh and we can not forget about Mt Bachelor although not sure what the driving conditions will be there since it is a year round ski resort.  The last time we headed up that mountain we got into an accident.  We did a 360 and ended up in a snow drift.  Other cars literally stopped and watched us on both sides of the highway.  It was in total slow motion.  We were fine but our Nissan Xterra, not so much.  Luckily, it was still driveable since we were far from home.  I would hate to have seen that tow bill!

What are you up to today?


  1. I'm the expert on doing 'nothing', only posted about it today. Your mini vacation sounds absolutely divine, hope you have a 'super fantabulous' time

  2. Sounds fun! Enjoy! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

  3. Hope you'll have a wonderful trip!

  4. Have a wonderful time :)

  5. Sounds great, have a wonderful time.

  6. Your mini vacay sounds divine! No snow drifts this time, ok?

    Wait, snow & swimming pool? Hummm...

  7. I hope you have a wonderful time and that you don't see the inside of any more snowdrifts.

  8. Sounds like you are going to have an amazing trip :)


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