Wednesday, July 13, 2011

See Clearly Again with Zenni Optical

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"The fog has lifted.  The fog has lifted," my husband exclaimed the evening after he got his new prescription glasses.  "Thank goodness," I said. 

I was starting to get worried with the way he had been driving recently.  I am a bad passenger any ways but even more so when my husband can barely see, unbeknown to me, until we sent him in for an eye exam a couple weeks earlier.  Little did I know though that he was going to get the most expensive lenses and frames in the shop!  Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little but it did make a rather large dent in our pocket book that month for sure! 

And now several months into wearing glasses, he has a whole collection of glasses.  Square ones, round ones, transitions, you name it.  But thankfully, he is now going to start buying them online. 

In our search for online companies we ran across Zenni Optical.  An online eye glass retailer in business since 2003.  They have even recently been featured in Time magazine

Their website is awesome. You can upload your picture and try on glasses just like at a walk-in store.  Pretty neat, huh?  (I thought so).  I don't even wear glasses (yet) and I uploaded my image just to play around with it.  I look so sophisticated.

If you wear glasses, you really need to check this site out.  The highest price item is $46.00.  At that price you can afford to get a pair for each day of the week!   Cheap prices but still great quality.  Since they have no middlemen, no brick and mortar store, low overhead and they only sell their Zenni brand so they can offer you the lowest prices. And they have over 3000 styles to choose from.

All you need when ordering is your prescription information from a recent eye exam, your PD (distance between your eyes which should be on your prescription paperwork), your choice of frame, style, etc...  They make it so quick and easy!



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  1. I'll have to check them out the next time I need glasses! I like that you can try them on--I didn't know they had an online program like that.

    And I could use some saved money. I was told I was getting a deal at my current eye place, then they added all of these hidden fees-uhg.


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