Thursday, June 14, 2012

All Is Well In The World NOW

It has been a rough couple days.  I can't put my finger on the cause but between work, home, kids, end of school year, the list can go on and on...I have been feeling all out of sorts.  A bit overwhelmed even.  Scatterbrain. Walking in a fog....You get the picture.  But now, all is well! (Still a bit scatterbrain and foggy BUT everything else has been put in perspective).

It started out with a middle of the night facebook post (last night) from my BIL that they were headed to the hospital to have their little boy. He is a couple days overdue so we were all getting a little impatient. 

And then I checked my email and what was awaiting me but a very nice email from a blogging friend who was emailing to let me know she received my note and trinket that I mailed her a couple weeks prior.  I subsequently then visited a few of my favorite blogs including hers to be surprised by a wonderful blog post that MADE.MY.DAY.  My week.  That was just the icing on the cake of what turned out to be an awesome day. 

Our newest family member was finally born at 553pm yesterday and weighed in at 8lbs 15ozs.  Welcome to the world Liam.  I know you are going to do great things!  And to my BIL Jeff and his wife Lydia, you did good, you did good!  May God continue to guide you, your marriage and the raising of your son.

Funny how a birth of a child can put so many things in perspective, in an instant, and that along with other things i.e. receiving a nice email or reading that blog post that hits home, happens at just the perfect time. Apparently, my card and trinket that I sent my faraway friend was received at just the precise moment that she needed it the most.  Little did she know that I needed that email and that wonderful blog post as well. And Liam he was born exactly when he was supposed to be.

That my friends is GOD at work. Sometimes we just have to be patient and let him reveal  *it* when the timing is right.  His timing not ours.  It eventually all comes together.  The stars align and all is well in the world once again, it may be only for a fleeting moment but that is all we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and proceed.

To my friend Fi in Australia, thank you for your kind words!  One day you, me, our backpacks and Europe!

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  1. It's a date - you, me and our backpacks. I'll be there with bells on (just maybe not next February - LOL)
    Congrats Auntie Jenn on the new addition (I love, love, love babies) - I have a new niece due in 8 weeks - first girl for three generations on both sides of the family - yihoo, can't wait.

    Everything we need, when we most need it. We just need to believe


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