Monday, June 4, 2012

A List of Whys

.....Why is it when I buy tin foil does it take the kids 1.2 seconds to open and unravel half of it?

.....Why is it that when Rose Festival comes every year in Portland does the weather turn to mush.  Rain, Rain, Go Away!

.....Why when there a huge DRY parking lot do your children head in the direction of the ONE puddle?

.....Why when I have the opportunity to take a nap, I can't sleep?

.....Why do the kids want to play with everything BUT their toys?

.....Why when I am not in a shopping mood, do I find the best things?

......Why do I find the best things, when I have the least money?

.....Why does Hayden want to play *drums* on everything but his *drums*?

A lot of these I can probably chalk up to Murphy and his darn Law.  LOL.  Who is Murphy and what does he know anyways?

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  1. Love - the longest word in the entire world must be 'why?'

  2. You are SO right about the nap, and if I ever do manage to fall asleep, the doorbell rings, a noisy vehicle or something outside wakes me up, or I get a phone call. I hate it!


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