Friday, June 22, 2012

I've Resorted To Post It Notes

House rules list.  Still working on it.  
I know I need to fast track that baby.  
I need something though in the interim. 
I've resorted to Post It Notes. 

I know I am posting (pun intended) on Friday but I am going
to link this post to Cate at Show My Face for 6WS.

What's that you asked?  I thought you'd never.

6WS is Six Word Saturday.

Tell us, the world (ok maybe not the whole world, just most)
what is goin' on in YOUR world in 6 words.

Pretty easy huh?

So get crackin!

So here are the post its that I am posting around our house.

You get the picture right?

I knew you would catch on.

There is so much more where these come from. 

OCD?  Maybe just a little bit.

Hey, you want some of your own post it notes?  Go here.

Have a Happy Friday or Saturday depending on when you read this.

What do your post it notes say?  Do tell.  Am I being too harsh?


  1. No, not harsh AT ALL. I am always after my husband and tween daughter to do these things and clean up after themselves. I am not a maid. I'm hoping one day they'll get tired of my nagging and learn to clean up after themselves. LOL!

  2. Love the post it notes. Funny story, a few years ago I went to stay with a friend of the family in Woodburn, Oregon and I put post it notes all over her house just before we left.
    I put them in really obscure places that she said she was still finding 6 months after we left. They were little inspiring post it notes to remind her how much we appreciated her for looking after my grandfather.
    Never too harsh when you're helping your children be responsible

  3. Great "post"! There is actually a book similar to this!
    I'm following you...
    McGuffy's Reader

  4. One does what one must in order to obtain compliance. These are far less harsh than methods employed by My Beloved Sandra....

  5. I resort to post it notes on some days to remember who what where I am. I say whatever works use it!

  6. I could use these same post its around my house. It seems to be a universal battle, doesn't it? lol

  7. Not harsh at all! I think some parents need to be more "harsh" than they are, as they'd rather be their child's best friend than his or her parent! But that's a completely different discussion. ;-) Love the idea!


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