Friday, June 1, 2012

A Milestone

This week marks a milestone in our house. 

Our 4 year old, almost 5 year old, graduated from preschool on Wednesday night.

Exciting, yet bittersweet.  Our littlest boy is growing up and will be in kindergarten in the fall. 

My how time has flown since the day he was born.  I remember the day we brought him home like it was yesterday.  It was a warm June day in 2007, he just 2 days old.  Wrinkly, pale, and so tiny.  He was so tiny; I didn't remember that the other two older ones were ever that tiny but I am sure they were.  Daddy could literally hold his head in the palm of his hand while the rest of his cute tiny baby body laid on his forearm.  Those first nights at home, I could barely sleep not because he was waking up often, he actually was a pretty good sleeper but because I was a nervous mom.  It was as if I was a first time mom but I wasn't, it had been 9 years since I had a baby so times had changed.  I had changed.  I was now a mother of 3, another little boy to nurture and love and teach how to be a god loving, good man (someday).  I know he is only 4 so there is alot more nurturing and loving and teaching to be done but so far, he is everything that I have hoped he would be. 

He is the sweetest, most adventurous, inquisitive 4 year old.  He questions everything.  Dotes on his little sister.  Follows his big brother around like he is his shadow. He loves life and playing outside til he wears himself out silly.  He loves his mom and dad and tells us often.  He loves his Grandma D and uncles. He is a snuggle bug and can't get enough of Calliou (the only cartoon he will actually watch).  Even when he is the most onery, he is still the cutest and sweetest little boy.  His crooked little smile and dimples just melt my heart.

Congratulations Mr.Hayden!  Mommy and Daddy love you, sweet boy!  We are so proud of you and the little boy you have become.  Here is to many more adventurous wonderful years with you!


  1. Bittersweet. Having them is a miracle of love. Nurturing and watching them grow is the ultimate in jobs, and hardest. Try soaking in every moment with them, good or bad. These are some of the most beautiful days of your life as a mother. I wouldn't trade those years for anything. God is good. Keep doing what you're doing--look to Him for strength and guidance. Your sons have been given a the greatest, and first gift of love in the mother that you are. Thank you for sharing your bittersweet news, and congratulations to the new little grad.

  2. My son is only 14 months but time has flown by! As much as I'm trying to cherish every minute I can see him growing up so fast day by's so sad but at the same time amazing!! The one thing I learned about having children is that you kind of mourn when they grow out of a phase, but then you are rewarded with a new one and fall in love with them all over again!


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