Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Quaker Soft Baked Bars

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Go. Go. Go.  That is my life these days.  Early morning wake up calls, to work, pick up kids, running errands, to basketball practice, games...Always doing something, going somewhere.


Within this hectic life I call mine, I try to eat a well balanced diet, which of course is not always easy but when I find things like the Quaker Soft Baked Bar, it makes being on the go, tolerable.  I throw one of these in my purse for a breakfast snack or leave it in there and eat it for my 2pm pick me up.  OR sometimes the kiddos sneak and eat it.  Those little rascals. 


I don't mind though because it is made with wholesome food of real fruits and nuts.  It is packed with 5g of fiber and 6g of protein so it gives you the needed fuel to continue on with your day.  And it is only 140 calories so guilt free!  It comes in two flavors:  Banana Nut Bread and Cinnamon Pecan Bread. 


QSBB Yum Image high res.jpg


I am a sucker for the Banana Nut Bread one.  Heat it up and it is like a loaf of warm banana bread just out of the oven (without the mess).  Gotta love that.


Try'em I bet you will like them.  Available at your local grocery store in the cereal section.


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  1. Thank you for the sharing! My kids are really into sweets. Would love to try this with them.


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