Friday, June 15, 2012

Glass Houses, Honeybees & Sunshine

I have probably said this a thousand times on this blog (ok, maybe not that many times) but I AM not perfect (I know shocker, lol); nor am I Superwoman.  WE are not perfect.  There is only one that is perfect. HIM

Why is it that so many people then profess to be just that, *perfect*, in all that they do?  And then some even have the audacity to judge others because of it? As a loud and proud Christian I find it so hypocritical when others that call themselves Christians, yet judge others so easily and openly. 

:::WE should be there for one another.

:::WE should be encouraging one another.

:::WE should be advocating for one another.

:::WE should be praying for one another.   

This is hard for me to say but I KNOW why so many people have issues with religion, not one religion over another, but religion in often there is so much hypocrisy. I see it.  I hear it. 

And I say:

Those that profess to be Christians and active Christians at that, who live in glass houses, should not throw stones!  Heck, even if you *are not* a Christian, you should not throw stones at glass houses, common sense.  Remember the golden rule that you learned when you were a small child?  If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.  That doesn't mean that you can not share your thoughts, opinions, advice even, etc with others but it does mean when you do, do it godly, lovingly and constructively.  Not in hurtful and hateful way.  You will catch more bees with honey than vinegar.  LOL

WE have all sinned.  Some of us continue to sin EVERY.SINGLE. DAY in one form or another but who am I to judge YOU and who are YOU to JUDGE ME?  Who are YOU to JUDGE them because...

:::They don't have the perfect family. What's that?  Is there such a thing?

:::They are not the perfect parent.   Kids don't come with manuals.  Live and learn. 

:::They do not have the perfect child.  EVERY child is perfect and a blessing.

:::They are not the perfect homemaker.  So what if we don't always cook from scratch and you can't eat off our floors.

:::They are not the perfect wife or husband.  Really, who is? We live. We disagree. We, god forbide, get angry at one another sometimes over something we are passionate about, that we believe in.  We laugh. We kiss. We hug. We love. Repeat.

We do the best we can with what we have to work with and that is all that can be asked of us.  Do we flounder, do we lose hope at times, do we want to throw up our hands sometimes, of course! 

But my point of this rant is, the times that you should feel the safest and the least judged is when you are with your sisters and brothers in Christ in the house of the LORD yet some don't and that, right their folks, makes me angry!

On a lighter note, the sun is shining brightly, it is Friday and we are ALIVE!  We are truly blessed anyway you look at it. 

I will leave you with this:

Do not let even one bad word come from your mouth, but only good words that will encourage when necessary and be helpful to those who hear. (Ephesians4:29)

Have a Happy Friday and weekend.


  1. I'm certain there's a whole big story behind this post. Hope you're okay, really okay and in all honesty "Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind"

    You are doing the best you can with what you have which is all any of us have or can do.

    Chin up, because the sun is shining, you're alive and you have your health and your family. Virtual hugs are winging across the ocean to you.

  2. Love this, thank you for sharing!! Sometimes it seems so easy, yet so hard to remember every day.

  3. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this. It's really not good to judge others just because we think we're more of a person than them. No one has the right to judge other people because we all make mistakes and fail sometimes.


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