Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Confessions Of A Non Superwoman #21

Wow, has it really been well over a month since I posted a confessional?  That is crazy!  No wonder why I have so many faux pas stored up.  LOL.

1.  I haven't posted a confessional since May 10th!

2.  I have only done one blog post this week and it was an insomnia driven post.  Yikes!  What a slacker. 

3.  Since we moved, my kitchen sink has often times been buried with dishes.  You see, new house is older, so no dishwasher.  I know!  Acckkkk!  But actually, I don't mind washing dishes, when I do wash them, they end up much cleaner most of the time.  Key words: when I do them

4. I didn't even post my menu on MPM this week and have not been very consistent with that either, lately.  I still have my plan just don't or didn't post.  Maybe next week.

5.  Roasted Asparagus is on the menu AGAIN tonight.  I think we have eaten Roasted Asparagus every week at some point for the past month.  But they are so good, can't help it.  Talk about over kill, huh?

6.  And chips and salsa with a tad bit of sour cream.  Hello!  Delish.  I can eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but probably shouldn't but maybe did. I am sure there are worse things right?  Carbs, veggies, and calcium?

7.  Laundry.   Barely scratch the surface basket.  Too much.  Nuff said.  Where is my laundry fairy?

Ok, enough for now, I am really feeling inadequate as a wife, mother, cook.  I have to go now. 

Actually, I have been thinking about setting up a blog hop type linky for confessional type posts because I KNOW we all have those moments, days, weeks, months where everything is just, just, just, so overwhelming and wouldn't it be great to confess in company?  We will support you through thick piles of laundry, burned dinners, forgotten kids at summer camp, a thin wallet because you didn't balance your check book right (although who does that these days?).... You name it, one of us has probably done it once a million times.

What do you think?  Would you link up?



  1. Would there be a word limit on your link up - my post would be long. Would love to say yes but would depend on how organised I am because I struggle with link ups during the week due to time limits. Posts get written but commenting and visiting is challenging and then I feel guilty for not visiting others who visit me.
    This could be my first confessional LOL

    1. You're not alone Fi. I stopped doing many of the link ups I was doing because I just don't have time to keep up. They are fun, but they can be time consuming.

  2. I actually enjoy doing dishes by hand. It's a great time to think and to process the day. Unfortunately I just don't have the energy to get it done most of the time, so I have my daughters load the dishwasher. I know.... terrible, right?

  3. Fi, No word limit and minimal rules so it is easy for everyone. I don't do many links up or as many as I had done in the past but I figured this might be a good writing prompt each week for those that get writers block.

    Karen, we don't have the dishwasher option now so by hand it is. Not so bad although I think I am going to teach the 13 year how to wash by hand since he didn't know anything but dishwasher for so many years. That was always his chore to load/unload dishwasher at old house so now he is slacking in the chore dept a little bit.


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