Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boggle (d)

I’m co(r)nfused….No, I am not.  Well yeah, maybe I am or was since it was the other day.  Maybe I am just indecisive?  Anywho....

My 12 yr old and I played a game of Boggle the other  night, you know the game where you try and make as many words as you can with “linked” letters within I think 3-5 minutes or so.  Like a word search of sort. Yeah, that game.

Ty is a whiz at this game.  He can beat just about everybody in our family at this game.  And he is none to proud to make sure everyone knows this...often....

We were playing the best of 6 games.  We tied the first game and then the subsequent 4 games we each had 2 wins.   It came down to the wire...but I prevailed...so I thought.  Now mind you, after each game, we say the words on our list quick like but never the less we say them and count them to see who has the most words. 

As Ty starts looking at my list on the 6th game (did I say the 6th game), he says, "Two letter words don't count!" 

Me:  Puzzled look on face, "What do you mean no two letter words?"
"That's the rules" he snaps...
"What do you mean" I say again...he runs to the computer to look up the rules and shows me the "rules".  "No two letter words!!!!", he says AGAIN just a tad bit louder then the last time he said it (he knows he found a loophole).

I say, "Did you happen to hear me say my words after each game or did you happen to look at the words after each game we just played?"  NOW you tell me, the rules are no two letter words?   Nice.....Maybe you should have told me that YEARS ago, when we started playing the game.

He tells me the "rules" when he is losing (or so I thought).  Funny how that works.  Just sayin.

So I guess, once again, he prevailed....(hangs head low)

He is the Boggle Champion!  There I said it!  Are you happy now?

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