Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Insatiable Appetite

My husband has an insatiable appetite for any and every t-shirt. Sports t-shirts (Trailblazers, Oregon Ducks, Seattle Seahawks), concert t-shirts , souvenir t-shirts (from the beach or wherever we have visited).   He really does have an addiction.  Is there a t-shirt anonymous by chance?  "Hi, my name is Neil and I can't control myself when it comes to buying t-shirts."  Not to make light of addictions but it has become an issue in our household.

I am being serious here, he really does have A LOT of t-shirts
(50+ if I had to guess).  How can one possibly ever wear that many
t-shirts? AND... I just realized that his younger brother is the same way.  It must run in the family.  Hopefully, this trait doesn't pass down to Hayden otherwise we are going to run out of closet space...FAST!

He is however getting a "tad" bit better.  He actually purchased a
t-shirt that was on sale last week but felt so guility he took it back within minutes of purchasing it.  The clerk looked at him with a puzzeled look and said, "You just bought this", his head hanging low replies, "I know".  It took a few years but I think  he finally gets it.  Although, I think more of the reason why he took it back was because of the "Purchasing Hiatus" we put everyone on in our family for the month of November and December.  More about that in another post...

Here is a t-shirt I would buy for him....LOL

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