Sunday, November 14, 2010

Driving Miss "Crazy"

And that would be?  Me!

Let me just preface this post by saying I am not a good passenger.  I repeat I am not a good passenger.  I *think* my having "no control" might have a little to do with it...I am working on that...daily...

But anyways, I am one of those passengers that have their own brakes and I use them quite frequently...Ask my husband!  I used them several times the other night on our way home from Chuck E Cheese's. 

Traffic was horrible and my husband was driving our mini van (like he drives his it's a race car) and well, his sight not so good at night these days...because he didn't seem to "see" the "sea" of red brake lights in front of us...

Not once, but twice....I had to apply my brakes several times *before* he braked...Not too mention white knuckling the handle above the window...You know that handle...I won't call it what people often refer to it as...You know what it is...This is a family friendly blog so we will just leave it at "the handle".

Needless to say after some not so much needed anxiety on my part and some "chill out" remarks on his part...we made it home, in one piece, car still intact, kids snoozing in their car seats...but I think I will drive next time at least until he gets his glasses...Which he should have in a couple weeks.

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